September 3, 2018
Ozone and Water treatment
September 3, 2018
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In recent years, fish farming has turned into high density farming practice using ponds, large scale tanks etc. As a fish farmer in the aquaculture industry, you are depending on a high density amongst your fish and you still need to keep a high saturation level of oxygen in your ponds.

Pure oxygen is essential in all modern fish farming. Pure oxygen dosed in correct way ensures faster growths rates, better FCR, less stress and diseases and better prices selling the fish due to higher quality. We understand the environment of fish farming and the need for a 100 % reliable oxygen source. Oxymat has delivered oxygen generator systems for more than a 200 fish farms worldwide both for recirculation, flow through and to well boats.

Oxymat oxygen generators save you energy and money as supply of oxygen cylinders becomes irrelevant.

After installation of one of our plants, you can start uninterrupted oxygen supply on-site right away

We have many years of experience delivering oxygen generators to the fish farming industry. Our oxygen generators are known as reliable, easy to use and low operational cost.

Our experience spans from salmon, trout, eel, seabass, seabream and tilapia, in both fresh water and sea water applications. Through our network of fish farming suppliers, we help you get in contact with professional aquaculture engineering companies. Our service organisation has trained staff on duty 24/7 with a quick response to provide assistance.

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