September 3, 2018
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September 3, 2018
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DAV heated regeneration


BOGE Adsorption Dryers

DAV Series
Externally heated regeneration with vacuum drying, complete with pre-filter and after-filter

Vacuum regenerated adsorption drying is the energy efficient solution for higher volumes of compressed air. Dewpoints to -70°C are possible!

Before entering the dryer, a BOGE ‘F’ series micro-filter removes solids and impurities from the compressed air to 0.01 mg/m3. In the drying tower, the desiccant media removes moisture from the air to a dewpoint of -40°C (standard models).

The parallel tower regenerates the wet desiccant bed. First it de-pressurises to atmosphere, simultaneously the vacuum pump begins to draw ambient air, that is pre-heated on entry, through the wet desiccant to complete the regeneration process.

The advantages of using the BOGE DAV Adsorption Dryer

Energy efficient system
Savings of up to 25% compared to conventional systems
2-stage drying
Optimised flow distribution through media bed
Self cleaning media reduces Δp and increases moisture separation
Low regeneration temperature
Vacuum regeneration ensures energy efficient moisture removal at lower temperatures than traditional heat regeneration
Vacuum cooling
After drying the media the heater switches off and the vacuum pump sucks ambient air through the bed to cool it
Pressure equalisation on wet side
Regeneration takes place at atmospheric pressure. Venting tower is therefore total purge loss
Consistent pressure dewpoint in operation
Because ambient air drawn in from the drying process
Constant pressure dewpoint at changeover
Because compressed air re-pressurises dry tower
Pressure dewpoints to -70 °C
Possible as well as the standard -25°C or -40°C
Function display
For pressure, temperature, heater operation, vacuum pump and changeover
Alternative energy
Regeneration using steam, hot water and other is available as an option
Modular options:
Purge air by-pass, thermistor controlled heaters, frequency controlled vacuum pumps

Flow capacity:
420 – 14500 m3/h
247 – 8526 cfm

Max. operating pressure:
10 bar, 150 psig

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