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With more than 35 years of experience in onsite PSA systems and with the necessary experience and know-how to address a broad variety of issues, a significant part of business for Oxymat is production of nitrogen inert gas generators for the marine industry. Compared to a traditional membrane based system, Oxymat PSA generators already consume 25-75% less energy than membrane systems. The result is lower CO2 emissions, which is a key issue in today’s marine industry.

Through the years, the Oxymat Marine division has serviced a long range of ships and supplied inert gas systems for; Chemical carriers, LNG’s, LPG’s, Multipurpose Carriers, Oil Tankers and Supply vessels.

The nitrogen inert gas systems remove oxygen and is used to prevent explosions and fires on board tankers such as crude oil carriers and chemical tankers. Furthermore, this technology is widely recognized as leading both in terms of energy efficiency, purity output and life-time costs.

Our nitrogen generator system has the smallest footprint on the market; The X4 series. It is characterized by simple construction, high reliability and that the system can be adjusted to the given space on board. The system is easily installed and, of course, has the lowest possible energy consumption. The total power consumption for a 1.000 m3/hour is now 200 kW giving a kW/N2 factor of 0,2 kW per m3 Nitrogen produced. Modern membrane systems typically use 0,4kW per m3”.

Our nitrogen system can be installed in very short time on board any vessel, as water cooling pipes and pressure pipes for two compressors and one dryer is all preparation needed. The system is Plug&Play – one single electrical connection is needed – all other connections regarding monitoring and control is only a few hybrid cables (such as LAN).

The nitrogen systems are developed in a series of 15 units from 300 m3/hour to 10.000 m3/hour all with extremely small foot prints. A 1500 m3/h system only uses 11 m2 of space for machinery.

In 2012 the SVIGG (Supply Vessel Inert Gas Generator) was introduced to cover this market even better.

This new plant is designed specifically for Offshore and Platform Supply Vessels and with a highly compact and flexible system the expectations for the product are great.

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