Company History

Company History


Atlasco Trading Egypt was founded by Mr. Nabil Soliman.

Located in Al-Abbasya Square. It represents International European companies in the Egyptian Market.

SPM Partnership SPM Instruments AB – Swedish which is specialized in the field of predictive maintenance programs, bearing monitoring and all over machines monitoring. It also Producers Vibrometers, alignment and balancing equipment with experience over 40 years with the inventors of the science of the condition monitoring field.

Eco Air Partnership Eco Air, it was one of the biggest manufacturer and supplier of air treatment products.

Contract with one of the biggest national Sugar production companies within the Egyptian market to supply 15 of preventive maintenance machines.

Sotras Partnership Sotras is Atlasco’s partner since 1994. Sotras is an Italian company. It is considered the second biggest factory world wide which manufacture: air filters, oil air separators, in line filters, oil filters. For all types of air compressors.

Atlasco Supplied Air Compressors to one of the biggest Suez Canal national ports , our works consisted of replacing, re-appealing and installing of oxygen generators as well 1995.

Bega Special Tools Partnership Bega Holland, it is specialized in mounting and dismounting all types of bearing and rotating mechanical elements using electromagnetic induction and hydraulic Collars.

Atlasco Upper Egypt Project, changing and replacing old (20) Air compressors of one of the major Cement factories that serves mostly 40% of the Egyptian need of cement. Atlasco Project consisted of creating a new air compressed stations in the factory that reduces leakage and maximize utility of the machines.

Boge Partnership Boge Compressed Air Systems is Atlasco’s partner since 2001. German company for all types air compressors with an experience of a 100-year company. Offering wide range of compressors (4-400KW) (pressure up to 40 bar). Producers screw compressors or piston compressors oil free or oil injected with compressed air treatment solutions.

Oxymat Partnership Oxymat is Atlasco’s partner since 2007. Oxymat is a Danish/Slovak company was founded in 1978. Worldwide Manufacturer of PSA gas generators with long term experience within O2 and N2. Specialist in PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption). Product Groups: (Oxygen Generator Systems, Nitrogen Generator Systems, Oxygen Cylinder Filling Station).

A Renewed contract for one of our main old national clients (one of the biggest Suez Canal national ports) we supplied, replaced and installed a new air compressors, and repair the old ships.

In 2010 our move from Al Abbassia office to Al-Obour office with more employees and new departments, by this movement we collect our warehouses and workshops in one area.

In 2013 our contract with administrated projects by the Armed Forces, Atlasco supplied 7 stations of oxygen generators in 7 different military hospitals working in the service of civilian patients.

Stiavelli Irio Partnership Stiavelli Irio is Atlasco’s partner since 2014. Stiavelli is an Italian company was founded in 1946. Stiavelli Irio is one of the market leaders in fans production with their highest concern is about best quality products with competitive. Product Groups: Centrifugal Blowers, Axial Fans, Special Design Fans (Atex, high pressure).

Atlasco Egypt Celebrates 25 years of Success and profitability in serving the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market.

Noria Partnership Noria is Atlasco’s partner since 2015. Noria helps companies enable reliability through better lubrication processes. Over the past 18 years, our approach has changed how organizations manage and monitor lubricants for maintaining optimum reliability and safety. We are the trusted advisor to the world’s leading organizations.

In 2016 we provided One of the civil Administrated project by the Egyptian Military organizations to provide oxygen and nitrogen generators to manufacturing industries in various application by re-appealing and installing it under German, American. Slovakian and Danish and Italian control.

One of the biggest National CSR projects of the year, hosted and executed by Atlasco Egypt in collaboration with Oxymat was the inauguration ceremony of the oxygen generation station for hospital 57357.

Luneta Partnership Luneta is Atalsco’s partner since 2016. Luneta offers you a window into your machine health. Monitoring your machine oil made easy & efficient. Now you can do daily inspections on critical assets at no cost.

In 2017 ( PrimeGear Academy Creation ) as the new separate training body powered by Atlasco Egypt, offering wide range of trainings and ISO certification in partnership with reputable international partners.
July 2018

UE Systems Partnership UE Systems signed as Atlasco’s partner in July 2018. UE Systems is a leading producer of airborne/structure borne ultrasonic instruments. Used primarily for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Such instruments can save plants and manufacturers millions in premature failure detection, elimination of downtime, increased productivity and overall replacement costs. UE Systems helps manufacturers become more productive and profitable through providing the best predictive maintenance programs and technologies.
July 2018

Flir/ITC Partnership Flir / ITC signed as Atlasco’s partner in July 2018. FLIR Systems designs and manufactures technologies that enhance perception and awareness using sensing solutions into daily life through thermal imaging systems while ITC training will help you build your thermal imaging business. ITC offers IR training, ISO Standards certification and recertification in all fields of thermography that include: Specialized instruction in building diagnostics, roofing, electrical, mechanical, research and science, and optical gas imaging. Online courses that cover the basics of thermal camera operation and reporting software.

Partnership August 2018

RMF Systems is the solution to oil cleanliness, conditioning and monitoring for all types of machinery in practically every industry. We have built a solid reputation and our systems are being used in an extensive range of hydraulic applications all over the world.

September 2018

Partnership September 2018 In the early 1970s, the ever-increasing cost and complexity of engines and manufacturing machinery prompted the need for an improved system of filtration. Harvard Corporation was founded in April 1973 to meet that need. Then, as it is now, our mission was to develop, manufacture, and market the best filter and purification systems on the market.

October 2018

Partnership October 2018 Continental Industrie Blowers are French company, and considered a benchmark in reliability and efficiency in air and gas applications. With more than 40 years of experience in research, development and manufacturing of centrifugal blowers and exhausters and more than thirty thousand machines installed, Continental Industrie Blowers and Exhausters are the symbol of reliability and confidence for continuous duty and extremely rugged service.

June 2019

MOBIUS is PrimeGear’s partner since (June) 2019. Mobius was formed in 1999. The founder, Jason Tranter, MOBIUS INSTITUTE now is a worldwide provider of Reliability Improvement, Condition Monitoring and Precision Maintenance education to industrial plant managers, reliability engineers and condition monitoring technicians, It is important to note that Mobius Institute is independent of all vibration monitoring system vendors.


IRISS, Inc. It’s a Manufacturer company, IRISS provides customers unsurpassed quality, focusing on continuously improving electrical maintenance safety and building reliable products. IRISS Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) facilitate safer, more efficient inspections of energized electrical equipment. IRISS's award-winning, IR window designs feature a durable transparent polymer lens that allows visual, UV, and short/mid/longwave IR spectrum inspections.