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September 3, 2018
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September 3, 2018
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Leonova Diamond


Leonova Diamond® is a portable instrument for condition measurement in rough industrial surroundings. This heavy-duty yet sophisticated instrument brings powerful analysis and troubleshooting capabilities to your condition monitoring program. Wherever measuring route efficiency is a priority, Leonova Diamond is the perfect choice, providing a powerful combination of well-proven measuring techniques for every situation all in one instrument.

Leonova Diamond includes High Definition Shock Pulse Method (SPM HD®) for bearing condition and advanced vibration analysis for general machine condition and many more features.

Features :
1- Bearing Condition
The SPM HD® Method (HDm/HDc)
SPM Spectrum™
2-Vibration analysis
Vibration Severity plus FFT Spectrum
Four channel vibration analysis (up to 6)
The EVAM (Evaluated Vibration Analysis Method) measuring technique produces up to 25600 line spectrum with true zoom, provides ready made machine \’fault symptoms\’ as well as trending.
3-Orbit Analysis for Journal bearings
4-Structural Resonances
Run up/Coast down measurement and Bump test are tools for root cause analysis and show the machine frame vibration characteristics, resonance frequencies, and the reaction at critical speeds.
5-Shaft Alignment
laser alignment of horizontal and vertical machines, the optional LineLazer alignment kit connects to Leonova Diamond with one cable, and the user is guided through the alignment procedure to a perfect result.
6-Dynamic Balancing
Field rotor balancing in single and dual plane according to ISO 1940-1 standard with an initial vibration measurement guiding the user through a balancing procedure with suggestions for correcting the imbalance.
7-HD Order Tracking
On machinery operating under variable speed, vibration analysis with HD Order Tracking provides reliable data and crystal clear measuring results even when RPM varies greatly during the course of measurement. Order tracking is applicable in a very wide RPM range, from just a few to thousands of revolutions per minute.
Technical overview

Dimensions: 297 x 130 x 69 mm
Weight: 890 g
Display: TFT colour,480X272 , 4.5 inch widescreen, adjustable backlight
Housing: IP65

– Vibration 0 (DC) to 40 kHz
– Up to 25 600 line FFT spectrum
– SO 2372, ISO 10816
– Vibration spectrum in Hz, CPM or orders
– Accepts IEPE (ICP) standard vibration transducers
– Dynamic range up to 130 dB
– Speed measurements 1-150 000 rpm
– RF transponder for contact free measuring point identification, read and write functions in connection with CondID® memory tags
– Snap action function keys
– One hand operation, right or left
– Smart battery reload with charge indication
– Li-Ion battery for minimum 16 hours normal use
– Graphics with time and scale zoom
– USB communication
– Download thousands of measuring points
– History of up to 100 sets of measuring results and comments per point
– Enveloping, true zoom, time synchronous measurement Pre-fault symptoms for spectrum analysis
– Waterfall, phase and real time spectrum
– Bode and Nyqvist diagrams
– Peak value tracing, earphones
– Automatic transducer line test
– Condition evaluation with green – yellow – red
– Recording up to 50 hours
– Voice recording of comments
– Windows® CE platform
– 400 MHz processor
– 256 MB RAM, 512 MB Flash and 1 GB SD memory expandable up to 8 GB

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