September 3, 2018
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September 3, 2018
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Ozone and Water treatment


Production and use of oxygen in water treatment

Clean water is becomning more and more scares and as our general comsuption worldwide increases so does the challenges in supplying clean water. At Oxymat we manufacturer oxygen generators, which can be used for your waste water treatment and as feed gas for your ozone system. Adding oxygen directly into the waste water increases the effectivity of removing pollutants.

Our oxygen generator plants are highly cost effective and low in energy use.

The OXYMAT® units are available in 45 standard models with capacity in the range from 0,6 to 2000 Sm3/hour.
Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is vital for our survival. After retrieving the water from the underground it is normally filtered and oxidised and being pumped directly to the end user.
Waste Water

Treatment and cleaning of waste water is a complex process. in which ozone plays an important role. At Oxymat, we offer oxygen feed gas plants for Ozone and waste water.

Ozone is a highly effective method for bacteriological treatment and useful in a variety of everyday situations from removing odor to ensuring clean, high quality drinking water from the tap.

But O3 is more than just effective. It is also environmentally safe, which makes it highly suitable for treating water in enormous quantities; both drinking water and industrial waste water, i.e. in industrial slaughterhouses.

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