Sotras who is a leading Italian brand manufacturing industrial filters since 1975, making and distributing its own products in Europe and throughout the world. Sotras provides a top-quality range of industrial filters and specialized in manufacturing elements for compressors, vacuum pumps and compressed air applications to suit most requirements in these fields. Sotras enjoys a well-established experience in manufacturing high quality air/oil separators. The Italian brand owns the second biggest factory in the world manufacturing: Air Filters: Sotras produces traditional style air filters besides the new type of “environment friendly” elements manufactured without the use of metal parts with high dust retention levels, Oil Air Separators: Sotras designs and manufactures separators specifically for installation in rotary screw and rotary vane compressors. Sotras air/oil separators can offer different separation solutions according to manufacturers' requirements, Spin-on oil filters: with a big experience in the hydraulic sector, Sotras developed a range of oil filters, especially suitable for screw and vane compressors and vacuum pumps applications, and Hydraulic Filters : while specializing in manufacturing filters for compressors, Sotras has also been developing an ever-growing range of high quality filters for construction machines and industrial applications.

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