SPM Instrument AB is a global leader in condition monitoring technology. We have supplied the world’s industries with high-performance condition monitoring solutions for nearly fifty years, and we are passionate about what we do. Our entire focus is on developing world class products for world class reliability and maintenance - that makes us different. SPM Academy offers three levels of SPM certified training courses. The participant learns about shock pulse and vibration measurement techniques as well as general maintenance strategies. The certification is a proof of knowledge and capability in the certified area, and a useful merit for various jobs in industrial sectors. Most courses end with a written exam.
SPM Academy:the first level is an introduction to condition monitoring and indented for sales and service engineers working in a plant environment. It covers the basics of shock pulse and vibration techniques, emphasizing practical implementation and hands-on use of the portable Leonova instruments and Condmaster software. Basic evaluation of shock pulse and vibration measuring results will be carried out, the second level is intended for engineers involved in more advanced analysis, and focuses on SPM HD and time signal analysis. It contains a lot of practical hands-on training using the Leonova and Intellinova products. Analysis tools available in the Condmaster software and the Intellinova online system will be covered. The participants are expected to have basic vibration analysis knowledge equivalent to ISO CAT I, and engineers involved in service and support, including advanced analysis of SPM HD and vibration techniques, will benefit greatly from the level 3 training course. The course is structured around practical cases from various industrial sectors. It includes time signal, spectrum and envelope analysis. Additional balancing and alignment can be included in the training. The participants are expected to have vibration analysis knowledge equivalent to ISO CAT II.

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