Atlasco Reliability Maintenance Solution (A.R.M.S.)

Zero Failure : Industry 4.0

(A.R.M.S.) aims to help our customers conquer the path of reliability excellence. We offer various products, services and consultation that help any industrial environment improve and evolve towards reliability and world class manufacturing. We aspire to assure that our products and services are the best value in the market. We believe in continuous learning and try to make sure that every team member is on the same path.

A.R.M.S. Services

Vibration Measurements & Vibration Analysis

Lubrication Analysis, Oil Sampling and Testing

Routine Measurement

Precision Alignment & Dynamic Balancing

Electric Motors Diagnostics

Precision Maintenance Analysis

Infrared Thermography

Ultrasound Testing

System Installation

Calibration & Repair Various Instruments to the Services

Report Discussion and Implementation

A.R.M.S. Consultation

Oil Analysis

Lubricant Analysis is one of the fields that Atlasco specializes in. it’s one of the condition monitoring techniques used to elongate machine parts life time and keep operation safe without damaging the surfaces. Our partner here is NORIA.

NORIA – Atlasco Partner was founded with the single focus of helping industry improve machine reliability through best practice lubrication and oil analysis.

NORIA became a trusted consultant to the world’s leading companies and their approach made a huge difference in how companies manage and monitor lubricants for upholding optimum reliability and safety.

Noria Services

A.R.M.S. Tools Training

ARMS technical instructors conduct a training on each and every product sold to a customer assuring the proper usage and usefulness of the product. And continuous support for the customer till Maximum benefit and profitability achieved.

A.R.M.S. Products

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arms product 1
arms product 2
vibrition cricle
Oil Analysis And Filtration Tools
Vibration Analysis
Ultrasound CM
Vibration Online

Oil Analysis Tools
Oil Analysis Online Systems
Online Oil Filters
Particle Counters
Testing Portable Kits
Filter Carts
Complete Filtration Solutions
Portable Practical Counter
Lap Equipment
Oil Quality Sensor Packages
Online Filtration Systems
Lubrication Efficiency & Effective

Vibration Analyzers
(Portable & Online Systems)
Laser Shaft Aligners
Dynamic Balancing Devices
Bearing Checkers
Vibration Checkers

Ultrasound and Leak Detection
Ultrasound and Mechanical Inspection
Ultrasound and Electrical Inspection
Ultrasound and Steam Trap
Ultrasound and Valve Inspection

Rotating Machinery Vibration Condition Monitoring Online Systems
Turbo Machinery Vibration Condition Monitoring Online Systems
Vibration Sensors / Transmitters / Switches